NSF Certifies Hanwha as First Client to NSF Guideline 533

2023-05-25 16:20 출처: NSF

SEOUL, South Korea--(뉴스와이어)--NSF, the leading testing and certification organization in the water industry, is pleased to announce that Hanwha Solutions Corporation (Hanwha), a South Korea-based petrochemical company, has earned certification to NSF Guideline 533 for its HC-17 and HC-77 CPVC resins products. Hanwha is NSF’s first client in the world to receive this certification, which demonstrates that their resins have been evaluated for health effects and are safe for use in drinking water products.

Founded in 1965, Hanwha has been at the forefront of the South Korean petrochemical industry and produces a full array of basic petrochemical products.

“Hanwha is committed to providing high-quality and safe products while meeting the requirement of the relevant industry. The NSF mark is highly valued by the industry and adds credibility to our products,” said Dooyoung Jung, Head of PVC Business Division, Hanwha. “We are proud to have earned this certification, which helps us to be more competitive in the global market.”

NSF Guideline 533 is a new guideline that NSF launched in January 2023. The guideline covers ingredients such as resins, stabilizers, carbon black, lubricants, solvents, and colorants used in CPVC, PE, Nylon, and other materials. It expands NSF’s certification offerings to include ingredients used in drinking water products to further strengthen its commitment to ensuring the safety and quality of drinking water products. Certified ingredient manufacturers can use the dedicated NSF mark to prove that their product is safe as reviewed by a third party.

“We launched NSF Guideline 533 this year and are proud to certify the first company, Hanwha Solutions, “said Nasrin Kashefi, Senior Manager of Residential Water at NSF. “We offer a simple process that saves ingredient manufacturers time and cost. With NSF Guideline 533, ingredient manufacturers have the opportunity to promote their ingredients to drinking water product manufacturers around the world on NSF’s official website. For product manufacturers, using NSF-listed ingredients can help them get to market quickly.”

Additionally, the NSF Guideline 533 certification program provides a listing that allows ingredient manufacturers to market their ingredients as NSF certified, which can help facilitate the listing of their customer’s products under NSF/ANSI 14 and NSF/ANSI/CAN 61.

For more information on obtaining NSF Guideline 533 certification for your ingredients, please visit the NSF website.

About NSF

NSF is an independent, global services organization dedicated to improving human and planet health by facilitating standards development and providing world-class testing, inspection, certification, advisory services, and digital solutions to the food, water, health sciences, and consumer goods industries. NSF operates in 180 countries and is a World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center on Food Safety, Water Quality, and Medical Device Safety.

NSF’s Water Division provides risk assessments, testing, inspection, and certification services for the water industry from source to tap. NSF facilitated the development of the American National Standards for all materials and products that treat or come in contact with drinking water to help protect public health and the environment and minimize adverse health effects. In 1990, the U.S. EPA replaced its own drinking water product advisory program with these NSF standards.

About Hanwha Solutions

Since our establishment in 1965, Hanwha Solutions Chemical Division has been at the forefront of Korea’s advancements in the chemical industry. Starting with Korea’s first production of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), we began producing a full array of basic petrochemical products including LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene), CA (Chlor-Alkali), ASR (Alkali Water Soluble Resin), and TDI (Toluene Diisocyanate), all of which has since served as base products across a wide range of industries. Our products exist in people’s daily lives in various forms and contribute to improving the overall quality of life.

As both a leader and a chemical company in the petrochemical market, we are able to pursue sustainable growth creatively and competitively. We’re expanding our assets to include CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride), hydrogenated resins and XDI (Xylylene diisocyanate).

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